diagram explaining ABAC

Attribute-based access control (ABAC) enables organizations to define flexible access policies by leveraging multiple attributes – information about the user, the data being accessed, the location etc – in order to make a context-aware decision regarding each individual request for access. Combining ABAC with Okera’s powerful dynamic enforcement of privacy and security functions, as well as an intuitive no-code user experience to define and manage these policies, is a critical step toward scaling access control across the enterprise.

Flexibility of choice

Okera provides flexibility of choice in query and analytics tools, computing and data modeling frameworks while supporting concurrent workloads and concurrent users in hybrid cloud and multi-data store environments.

Enterprise-grade protection

Okera allows policy enforcement through fine-grained access control down to the level of a singular cell and scaling to support governance of petabytes of data.

Gain visibility into your data

Okera enables you to maintain continuous knowledge of your data and its usage through rich audit trails and data usage statistics.