Zero configuration

Okera Spotlight installs on a single Amazon EC2 instance and connects to AWS CloudTrail for a complete, non-invasive audit. It crawls the data lake to surface the location of sensitive data, along with its access and usage pattern, through an interactive dashboard.

Understand sensitive data usage

The technical metadata catalog can be populated by Spotlight’s built-in crawlers, or an external catalog such as AWS Glue. Users can also create their own tags based on relevant data elements.


User-centric audit

By analyzing the CloudTrail audit logs and dataset contents from Amazon S3, Okera Spotlight provides a holistic view of data lake contents and activity. It allows data lake owners to leverage CloudTrail for greater visibility and insights into their regulatory and compliance risk, including the ability to drill down into user activity.

Integrate with BI and SIEM tools

The enriched audit logs created by Okera Spotlight can be used to build dashboards in BI tools like Tableau and Looker.

With SIEM tools (Splunk, Sumologic) integrated, you can potentially detect data breaches before they occur.